We are resilient people. As challenging as the last few years have been for businesses, many have not only survived but thrived. Even when employees could not be in the same space as one another, we revolutionized the way we saw the workplace and workday. Even when customers were not allowed to visit our storefronts and entertainment venues, we found creative solutions to serve their needs digitally. 

The ways in which we see business, work, consumption, etc., have changed and are changing forever. American workers have decided that their careers aren’t as important as their families, time, sanity, etc. At the same time, entrepreneurs in North Carolina are starting businesses faster than ever!

“Roughly 178,300 new businesses were legally created across the state last year, up 40% from the year before — which was itself a record, according to the Secretary of State’s office.” – The Carolina Journal.

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Now is a great time to start carving out the life you want for yourself and your family. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about starting a GellyBall business.

Eleven FAQs About Starting Your Own GellyBall Business

1) Is Now a Good Time to Start a Business?

There is no perfect time to start a business. There are a hundred factors to consider, and even if everything and everyone says yes, it’s still risky. However, as we noted above, more people are starting businesses than ever. 

As far as whether or not it’s the right time economically, North Carolina is continuing to grow and thrive. Whether you are trying to replace your career or want a fun side hustle, you want to make sure you are prepared as possible, your family is on board, and you are able to put the time into it that will make it successful. 

“While not rushing into something and making sure you are prepared is important, there’s not necessarily a perfect time to start a new business. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut.” – Why Now is the Right Time to Start a New Business in North Carolina.

So, in a personal sense, the answer about whether now is a good time to start a business might vary from person to person, but as far as economically, the right business can thrive at any time and especially right now.

2) Why Start a GellyBall Business?

Now is the right time to start the right business. Regardless of the strength of the economy, there are some types of businesses that might not thrive at this point in history. For example, it’s probably not the best time to become a leech collector (someone who collects leeches for doctors and hospitals). You want your new business or side hustle to be relevant and reach clients. 

Here are a few advantages to 

What is GellyBall?

GellyBall is the revolutionary, lower-impact shooting game for all ages!” 

90% of GellyBall ammunition is made of water, is biodegradable, non-toxic, and free of paint or stains. It is the ideal experience for almost any occasion, venue, and age because there is very no cleanup needed outside and very little indoors.

Gameplay is comparable to airsoft or paintball, but the lower-impact ammo makes it more accessible to younger age groups. Getting hit with the water-based orbs feel like being flicked with a rubber band. However, for those concerned that the lack of impact might make the game boring for older kids, listen to these teenagers tell you the opposite:

 GellyBall has only been around for a relatively short time, but it’s growing rapidly. 

Is GellyBall Growing?

Despite being only a few years old, GellyBall is expanding quickly. It began in Texas but has now spread internationally, with more than 800 merchants in 22 other nations. Each week, almost 30,000 players participate in GellyBall. Age is only a number when it comes to how much fun it is!

Can My GellyBall Business Be Profitable?

Like any other business, the profitability depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • The strength of the idea
  • A strong business plan
  • Support from your family and community
  • The availability of customers
  • The effectiveness of your marketing
  • Pricing
  • And more

Many GellyBall dealers are reaching substantial profit margins – as high as 98% gross profit margin

What is a GellyBall Dealer?

What do we mean by GellyBall Dealer? 

“A GellyBall Dealer is an individual or business who offers GellyBall services and products to the general public through private parties, walk-in play, events, festivals, and retail sales.” – NC GellyBall.

A GellyBall dealer is someone who operates a GellyBall business. GellyBall wants to make sure dealers have every opportunity for success by making sure there are not too many dealers in one area. Around the world, mobile providers and fixed locations offer GellyBall as a standalone attraction or as a component of a number of other play alternatives. Dealers may operate their companies the way they choose, thanks to GellyBall’s assistance and resources.

3) What Do I Need To Be Prepared to Spend?

How Much Does It Cost?

Purchasing your GellyBall dealership is incredibly cost-effective. For $3,995, you can become a GellyBall dealer, which allows you to begin GellyBall events and includes all the materials you need.

What Comes with My Investment?

With the Basic GellyBall Dealership Kit, you get:

  • 12 Blasters (Sometimes bonus blasters are available)
  • 12 Masks
  • 24 Batteries
  • 500,000 Gellyballs
  • 10 Inflatable Bunkers
  • Starter Accessories
  • Free Shipping

In addition to the tools you need, GellyBall sets you up for success with resources like:

  • Onboarding & Training Resources
  • Business Startup  Resources
  • Marketing & Media Resources
  • Support from GellyBall & Other Dealers
  • Protection from Over-Saturation (by population & dealership type)
  • Access to the Online Dealer Store
  • Wholesale Pricing on Retail Ready Products
  • Access to Warranty & Ammo Program with its Own Benefits.

Are There Ongoing Fees?

There are no mandatory ongoing fees, but dealers can opt into a monthly ammo subscription with varying degrees of benefits for as low as $49/month. Your business may incur other monthly costs for which you should be prepared, such as:

  • Rent and utilities (especially for fixed locations)
  • Storage
  • Fuel and vehicle wear and tear
  • Labor 
  • Marketing 
  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Other typical business expenses

In general, GellyBall operation is incredibly inexpensive, which is great for your profit margins.

4) Can I Add GellyBall to My Existing Entertainment Business?

GellyBall is the ideal complement if you currently run an indoor or outdoor entertainment-style business. Trampoline parks are one type of indoor facility where GellyBall is successful:

  • Trampoline parks
  • Science centers 
  • Laser Tag arenas
  • Athletic gyms and arenas
  • Skating rinks
  • Gyms 

GellyBall pairs well with outdoor rentals as well:

  • Bouncy houses
  • Obstacle courses
  • Tactical laser tag
  • Party rentals
  • Paintball and airsoft
  • Fundraising

If you already have a business in the entertainment space, GellyBall can be the perfect addition.  

5)  How Do I Get Started?

As we noted in a previous article, one of the keys to starting a successful GellyBall business is making sure you and your family are ready to take on a new venture. You have to weigh every decision against how it will impact your family:

  • What does your family think about starting a business? 
  • Will your new business be something you’re doing on top of your career? 
  • Will it require hours away from your young children? 
  • Will it add stress to your hectic schedule?

Assuming you can comfortably and confidently answer these questions and concerns with affirmation that now is the right time to start your business, we’ll help you get your operation rolling:

  • Reach out to NC GellyBall to see if there is availability in your part of North Carolina. Although GellyBall is growing, it is still relatively new, and many regions of NC are still available!
  • Think through your business and marketing strategies.
  • Recruit your team to help you operate and grow your business. 
  • Start selling your GellyBall business to customers.
  • Have fun and earn income!

The game is fun! You can grow at your pace. A lot of the work will typically be on weekends, so it can be a side hustle or completely replace your income. 

GellyBall is expanding quickly but gradually. In practically all of North Carolina’s major cities, as well as the majority of its smaller towns, there is an opportunity for more GellyBall dealers. Contact NC GellyBall right away to learn more about how to launch your GellyBall business in North Carolina.